14K Gold Filled Turquoise Sapphire Gold Hoop Earrings

$75.00 $56.25

Signature 14k Gold Filled Hoop and Vermielle Charm Earrings you’ll keep in constant rotation. Gold Vermielle Turquoise Semi Precious Pear Bezel and Gold Vermielle Sapphire Round Stone Charm can be worn together or one-at-a-time. Designed to integrate into anyone’s style and to fit any occasion.

Semi Precious Gold Vermielle Beads can be interchanged with other semi-precious stones

Semi Precious Pear Stone Choices:

Chalcedony Gold Vermeille Pear, Labradorite Gold Vermille Pear, Rose Quartz Gold Vermeille Pear, Turquoise Gold Vermeille Pear.

Semi Precious Round Stone Choices:

Citrine Gold Vermeille Round, Amethyst Gold Vermeille Round, Clear Quartz Gold Vermeille Round, Dyed Blue Sapphire Round, Labradorite Gold Vermeille Round.

14k Gold Filled Hoop Earrings Measure 24mm diameter. Weight 2.03g

Pear Stone 18 x 8.5mm. Weight  .62g

Round Stone  12 x 6mm. Weight 0.6g

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