Are Calo & Co. rings soft or hard set?

The beauty of Calo & Co. Original Chain Link Design © rings are that they are malleable, creating a soft flexibility that is beyond comfortable. This quality creates high shine and sparkle with the slightest of your graceful movements. Unlike hard set rings, you will forget that you are wearing a ring at all. You won’t want to take them off, wear them always and get ready for compliments from your friends as well as complete strangers!

Are Calo & Co. rings guaranteed?

Calo & Co. Original Chain Link Ring Designs© look beautifully delicate but are extremely strong due to a process of hand crafted seamless soldering with state of the art technology.  All rings are guaranteed not to break with normal everyday wear. Calo & Co. will clean and or repair any of our rings free of charge as long as you own the ring.

How do I find the right ring size?

Ring sizes can vary due to the handcrafted unique-ness of each ring. Larger links will allow size variation in dimensions determined by the length of the link itself. Smaller links will allow more flexibility in size variation. Keep in mind each ring is unique in design. Rings are sold in a range of sizes and are best thought of for wearing on different fingers, depending on our individual characteristic that can be seasonal or organic. Your fingers will be largest at the end of the day, which is a good time to measure. See ring sizer link here and also under shop tab for further information.


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